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1. In line with our safeguarding policy under no circumstances will videos and pictures of any kind and/or media/live stream be taken or active without permission from the management committee doing so is a criminal offence.

2. We make/take videos and pictures to promote our charity work and classes on our social media platforms becoming a member you are stating you are happy for you and/or your child to be filmed/pictures taken that MAY be used via our social media platforms.

3. I understand that boxing and boxing exercises may be a risk to my physical health and safety. The Community Boxing Gym is not liable for any injuries caused by improper use of the gym equipment and/or poor boxing technique.

4. CCTV is in use at all times this is for the safety of everyone. It is also used to protect the gym from equipment damages any damages of equipment in the gym MUST BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your membership and a payable invoice being charged to you!